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Alumbra Sport Boot Camps

Transform Your Body and Mind with Alumbra Sport's Fun and Inspiring Boot Camps

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Why us?

Led by experienced trainer Vanessa, our program combines High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and resistance training techniques to help you improve your strength, endurance, and overall fitness level. Our mission is to empower and transform your mind and body, helping you become a leveled-up version of yourself!


How does it work?

Boot camps occur a few times a year and last 12 to 21 days with rest days

Usually a combination of HIIT(cardio) and resistance training, but may vary per season.

One-on-one calls and Private Facebook Group

Price can range from $39 to $79 depending on boot camp duration and tools.

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Cristina Rau, NY

My experience with @alumbrasport bootcamp has been what I needed to get me in a daily routine of prioritizing and making time for a 30 minute work out no matter what. I felt energized and strong and the workouts were easy to follow and effective. I learned various exercizes that I can continue doing on my own and the fitness and nutrition advice throughout the workouts were very insightful. I give it 5 stars. Oh and I almost forgot! I got 3 quality booty bands in the mail as soon as I signed up which I can continue using!

Daneisy Sillie, NY

Absolutely love this bootcamp! After a week I already feel that it has given me something to look forward to doing everyday ! I wake up excited to participate in the workouts and ready to dedicate time to me. Vanessa is an amazing and motivating coach and I’m so glad I decided to join this bootcamp! Can’t wait to continue my fitness journey with alumbrasport!

Natalia Araujo, NY

I’ve been really enjoying the boot camp! Vanessa is so sweet, there to answer any of your questions and full of energy and passion would def recommend to anyone to join!
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