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Vanessa Acero

Alumbra Sport CEO

My name is Vanessa Acero, and I am the founder of Alumbra Sport. My mission is to develop and share with you top-of-the-line fitness accessories and gear as well as exercise programs that will inspire and assist you in achieving your wellness goals.

I am a passionate advocate for wellness and firmly believe that healthy lifestyles have the power to transform the world. Through Alumbra Sport's mission of kindness to self and to others,  my team and I aspire to assist you in brightening your path towards greater well-being, motivating you to radiate positivity, love, and kindness in all aspects of your life.


In 2018, I faced some challenging experiences that left me feeling stuck and unfulfilled. However, these difficult times led me to discover my passion for fitness and competing.

That same year, I decided to challenge myself by participating in the World's Best fashion and Fitness, Bikini category competition, which was a turning point in my life. I poured all my effort and dedication into training and was overjoyed to achieve third place.

Since then, I have continued to pursue my passion for fitness and have expanded my knowledge by becoming a certified personal trainer. I am now dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals and lead a healthier lifestyle.


In 2019, I worked with my sister Carolina to develop the name and mission of Alumbra Sport, a fitness brand that aimed to inspire people to lead healthier lifestyles with love and kindness. After Carolina retired from the project, I worked on the website and my first activewear collection while working full-time. When the pandemic hit in 2020, I lost my job and paused my fashion industry plans, so I decided to teach virtual fitness classes in the meantime. The response to my free programs was overwhelming and inspired me to create Alumbra Sport boot camps

"Alumbra" means "to light up" in Spanish, perfectly representing our mission. We believe in the power of the violet flame, an intense, miraculous, spiritual energy that can heal, transmute, and bring positive change to our lives and the world. Our logo features a gradient flame that represents this energy.

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